Tuesday, January 14, 2020

The Nerd Daily 2020 Reading Challenge

Welcome to the detail and progress page for the 2020 The Nerd Daily Reading Challenge that I'm participating in this year! 

I will list each prompt, and then the book I read that fulfilled that prompt. I will also leave links to the reviews I write for each book. Click on the image above if you would like to participate in this reading challenge yourself!

  1. Author starting with "A":
  2. Female author:
  3. Purchased on holidays:
  4. 2020 film adaptation:
  5. Fantasy or sci-fi: Come Tumbling Down by Seanan McGuire
  6. Recommended by us:
  7. Under 200 pages:
  8. Six-word title:
  9. Written by two authors:
10. Mystery/thriller:
11. Green cover:
12. Recommended by a friend:
13. Set in the past:
14. 2019 Goodreads choice winner:
15. A book you never finished:
16. Protagonist starting with "H":
17. Reread:
18. Non-fiction:
19. Released in February: 
20. Part of a duology: 
21. New York Times bestseller:
22. Recommended by family:
23. Over 500 pages:
24. An award-winning book:
25. Orange cover:
26. Bookstore recommended:
27. A number in the title:
28. An audiobook: 
29. Debut author:
30. Inspired by mythology/folklore: 
31. A retelling: A Curse So Dark and Lonely by Brigid Kemmerer (REVIEW)
32. One word title: 
33. Bought based on a cover:
34. Author starting with an "M":
35. Start a new series:
36. A book released in 2019: 
37. Male author:
38. 2020 TV adaption:
39. A book gifted to you:
40. Author with hyphenated name: 
41. Released in September: 
42. Purchased years ago:
43. A standalone:
44. Author with the same initials: 
45. Told from 2 perspectives: 
46. Romance or thriller:
47. A protagonist starting with an "S":
48. Two-word title: Lucky Caller by Emma Mills (REVIEW)
49. Set in a foreign country:
50. Animal featured on the cover: 
51. Written by your favourite author: 
52. Based or inspired by a true story: 

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