Monday, January 20, 2020

Beat the Backlist 2022 Reading Challenge

Welcome to the detail and progress page for the 2022 Beat the Backlist Reading Challenge that I'm participating in this year! (52 PROMPTS)

I will list each book as I read it, along with the date read and the link for my review. Click the logo above to join the challenge yourself!

2+ people on the cover: 
 6+ words in the title: 
 A book about books:
 A book in a genre you never/rarely read:
 A book set in the season you read it in: 
 About food or food in the title:
 About or inspired by a historical event:  
 An unusual or unexpected pet:
 Author has a first, middle, and last name on the cover: 
 Author has an active podcast or youtube channel:
 Book about siblings:
 Book featuring time travel:  
 Book with chapter names:
 Book written for an age group you don't belong to: 
 Classic novel:
 Debut novel:
 Discovered via social media:
 Everyone has read it but you:
 Features royalty:
 Finish a series:
 First in a series you've been putting off:
 Forgotten on your shelf or ereader:
 Graphic novel, manga, or web comic: 
 Indie or self-published:
 Involves family secrets: 
 Longer than 500 pages:
 Murder, mystery, or both!:
 Mushroom on the cover:
 New-to-you author:
 Number in the title:
 One-word title: 
 Picked by a celebrity book club:
 Poetry or anthology:
 Protagonist has a profession that twists the truth: 
 Published in the month you were born:
 Reading for research, reference, or general interest:
 Second or fourth book in a series:
 Set in space or on/in the ocean:
 Set in the mountains:
 Set on an island:
 Story centered around a real or fictional holiday:
 Superheroes/villains or character in disguise:
 Title is an alliteration:
 Translated into your native language:
 'Wolf' or 'Star' in the title:
 Women in the (fictional) sciences:
 You watched the show or movie first:
 Your favorite animal (real or fictional) on the cover:
 Your favorite trope on the page:

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