Tuesday, June 23, 2020

BLOG TOUR: Falling in Love Montage by Ciara Smyth

The Falling in Love Montage
Author: Ciara Smyth
Genre: YA LGBT+ Contemporary/Romance
Publisher: Harper Teen
Release Date: June 9, 2020
Acquired: Earc sent via Netgalley
Goodreads: ADD

Saoirse doesn’t believe in love at first sight or happy endings. If they were real, her mother would still be able to remember her name and not in a care home with early onset dementia. A condition that Saoirse may one day turn out to have inherited. So she’s not looking for a relationship. She doesn’t see the point in igniting any romantic sparks if she’s bound to burn out.

But after a chance encounter at an end-of-term house party, Saoirse is about to break her own rules. For a girl with one blue freckle, an irresistible sense of mischief, and a passion for rom-coms.

Unbothered by Saoirse’s no-relationships rulebook, Ruby proposes a loophole: They don’t need true love to have one summer of fun, complete with every cliché, rom-com montage-worthy date they can dream up—and a binding agreement to end their romance come fall. It would be the perfect plan, if they weren’t forgetting one thing about the Falling in Love Montage: when it’s over, the characters actually fall in love… for real.
 best friend, forever.

Happy Pride! Not just for the month of June, but every single day, every moment, until the very end of time! I am so happy to be featuring Ciara Smyth's debut YA LGBTQIA young adult contemporary romance The Falling in Love Montage for my tour stop today, but I also wanted to feature some other recent, and older, titles that feature queer characters/narratives.

Here are [10] other great YA titles to check out! (Clicking on the cover will bring you to the book's Goodreads page):

credit: goodreads author page 

Ciara Smyth is a social work student by day,writer by night and cat enthusiast 24/7.

Her first YA novel-about memory, rom-coms and girls who like girls-will be published in Summer 2020 by Andersen Press in the UK and Harper Collins in the US.

She previously worked as a teacher and mental health trainer. She enjoys jigging (verb: to complete a jigsaw) and claims to enjoy yoga in order to cultivate a zen persona that is shattered approximately ten minutes after you meet her.

She is from the south of Ireland but has lived in Belfast for so long that her parents make fun of her Northern accent.



  1. Saoirse is about to break her own rules after a chance encounter at an end-of-term house party. For a girl with one blue freckle, an irresistible sense of mischief, and a love of romantic comedies.

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