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BLOG TOUR: Quantum Entanglement (Interchron #2) by Liesel K. Hill

Title: Quantum Entanglement (Interchron #2)
Author: Liesel K.Hill
Genre: Sci-Fi/Dystopian Fiction
Publisher: Self-Published
Release Date: Sept. 17/2013
Adquired: E-ARC provided by author
Goodreads: ADD
Purchase: Amazon/Smashwords

Five months after traveling to a post-apocalyptic future where collectives reign supreme and individuals have been hunted to the verge of extinction, Maggie Harper was returned to her own time until the threat to her life could be neutralized. She thought Marcus and the others would return for her within a few weeks, and now she’s beginning to worry.

When travelers from the future finally show up to collect her, it’s not who she expected. With the return of her memories, she wants more than ever to see Marcus again, but a snake-like woman whose abilities are a perfect match for Maggie’s, an injured Traveler, and decades of civil unrest to wade through all stand in the way of their reunion.

Meanwhile, Marcus and Karl traipse through the countryside, trying to neutralize Colin, who’s promised to brutalize and murder Maggie if he can get his hands on her. When a collective woman is left for dead, Marcus heals her, hoping she’ll be the key to killing Colin and bringing Maggie back. But she may prove as much a hindrance as a help.

The team struggles to get their bearings, but things happen faster than they know. The collectives are coalescing, power is shifting, and the one called B is putting sinister plans into action. If the team can’t reunite and get a handle on the situation, their freedom and individuality—perhaps their very identity—will be ripped away before they can catch their breath.


Last year, I was contacted by a fellow blogger, and follower, to possibly review her Sci-Fi book entitled Persistence of Vision. I'll admit, I was, and still am, a huge supporter of the self-published book, but I'm under no impression that they are ALL cut from the same thoroughly edited cloth. Some of the self-published books I've come across have been horrendously edited, and just downright sloppy in it's execution, and then...OH..and then, there are diamonds in the rough, spots of sunshine through the storm...shall I continue these horrible analogies? Liesel K. Hill BLEW.ME.AWAY with her first novel in the Interchron series (read my review here!). Since then, I have been impatiently awaiting the second book in the series, and ALAS, Liesel kept me in mind when it came time for advanced copies, and I couldn't be MORE grateful. Quantum Entanglement was a continuation of the raw talent,and knack for Sci-Fi deliciousness, that was abundant in the first book.

I was already extremely familiar with the main characters, side characters, and occasional characters-it was like coming back to a favourite vacation spot, and seeing old faces. Liesel was able to reintroduce them flawlessly into the narrative, which is always helpful for readers who chose to not follow a series from the initial book. It's a testament to good writing, and Liesel is one HELL of a writer. This time around, however, Maggie is in the company of her brother Jonah, who quickly became a favourite character of mine. I'm making this as spoiler-free as possible, so let's just say that very early on in the book, they both venture somewhere together. What ensues is a hurricane of time-jumping, back-story reveals, and more drama and action than you could ask for in a good novel. I was happy to find that some of my favourite characters still held strong to their values, and that I was able to watch them grow in mental, and physical strength, as the book progressed. There were new faces as well, and I'm excited to read how Liesel explores their personalities in the 3rd installment of the series.

I said it in my post for Liesel's crime novel, Dark Remnants (read my review here): I still can't believe that this author has not been picked up by one of the big 3, well-known, publishers. I would LOVE to be able to promote AND sell this book in the large bookstore I work for. This book, along with every other piece of writing she's crafted, deserves more promotion and attention than it's getting. The Interchron series is a solid one, in both writing, character development, and back-story explanations. 

If you're in the market for a great Sci-fi novel, pick this one up. If you're in the market for a great book PERIOD, pick up this book!

Recommended for Fans of: Sci-Fi, Dystopian, Time-Travel, Romance Aspects


Liesel K Hill writes across three genres: scifi/fantasy, historical fiction, and crime drama. She lives in northern Utah and comes from a large, tight-knit family. She's a devout member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints and plans to keep writing until they pound the final nail into her coffin. Or until the Second Coming. You know, whichever happens first.

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Thank-you to Liesel herself for hosting this tour, and providing me with e-ARC to review!

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