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BLOG TOUR: Dark Remnants by Liesel K. Hill

Title: Dark Remnants (Street Games #1)
Author: L.K. Hill
Genre: Crime Fiction
Publisher: CreateSpace (Self-Published)
Release Date: Sept 3/2013
Adquired: Ebook copy provided by author
Goodreads: ADD
Purchase: Amazon

In the most dangerous city in the country, one controlled by a sadistic gang called the Sons of Ares, Kyra Roberts is searching the deep places for someone…

Kyra has come to Abstreuse city to find someone she’s lost, but walking the underbelly—a dark alley system residents call the Slip Mire—even in disguise, is rife with dangers. Kyra must stay on her toes if she intends to live. After crossing paths several times with the same detective, she wonders if his work and hers might be connected.

Gabe Nichols has worked homicide in Abstreuse for three years. Dead prostitutes and gang violence are part of the night shift. When a woman who looks like a street junkie but acts like an intellectual saves his life, he’s intrigued. Another woman shows up at his crime scene, and Gabe’s instincts kick into high gear when she clams up. Two cases involving strange women who won’t tell what they know are too coincidental.

If Gabe and Kyra can’t find a way to collaborate, they may not live to see the sunrise. Doomed, like so many others, to become gray, unmarked graves in a forgotten fracture of the Slip Mire.


Liesel, Liesel, Liesel. You wizard. You master of all genres. WHY are you still a self-published author? The major pub houses should be duking it out for a chance to publish your books. Your move into crime fiction was spot on. I've never read a Michael Connelly or James Patterson book, but I can almost guarantee I'd rather be reading one of your books. Dark Remnants was all sorts of dark and gritty, and featured characters that, dare I say it, I might love even more than those in your Interchron series (but only a TINY bit more).

Dark Remnants is one of those books that are impossibly easy to visualize in your head. It read like your favourite tv crime drama, but with so much more to hold on to. I perused Liesel's blog, and discovered that her inspiration for the Street Games series was nothing other than the amazing tv crime drama, Criminal Minds. She outlined QUITE the love for character Derek Morgan, though I'm more of a Spencer Reid fan myself (ugh..that brain of great). The chapters were the perfect length, with content in each that had you wondering how the next one could possibly top the last.

Supra/Kyra stole the spot for my favourite character in this book. Roaming the streets of a notoriously dangerous city, approaching gang members and sketchy street walkers with only the slightest hesitation. She was fascinating to no end, her confidence and courage literally stopped my heart at some points. It's so rare to come across a female lead with so much guts, and drive. When the reason behind her actions was finally revealed, I was floored. Gabe Nichols was Derek Morgan, I saw so much of him in the way Liesel wrote this detective's character. I respected him, and was at the edge of intrigue when his and Kyra's paths crossed. The twists were on point, and came at you strong and hard, the way a great crime fiction should dish it out.

Liesel crafted a city that was insanely dark, it was the perfect backdrop for the storyline, and I found myself feeling physically scared and alone sometimes as she described it's back alleys, smells, and lurking danger. The violence, to be honest, was shocking, but so real you had to respect her writing skills. She didn't hold back, and I cringed at every punch to the stomach, and knife to the neck. I said it up there, but I'll say it again. This author isn't playing in the little leagues of fiction, and I seriously wish more people knew about her.

Guys, do me a favour and check out Dark Remnants. Then, for the sci-fi, paranormal fans, go check out her Interchron series (review of the first book here). I can GUARANTEE that Liesel will become one those authors that will have you reading ANYTHING they put out.

Recommended for Fans of: Criminal Minds, Crime Fiction, Mystery, Thriller.


Liesel K Hill writes across three genres: scifi/fantasy, historical fiction, and crime drama. She lives in northern Utah and comes from a large, tight-knit family. She's a devout member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints and plans to keep writing until they pound the final nail into her coffin. Or until the Second Coming. You know, whichever happens first.

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Thank-you to Liesel for hosting this tour, and sending me a e-ARC to review!


  1. Wow! Thank you so much for the glowing review, Reeka! I'm so relieved. I had a few editors that really weren't crazy about this story so I was nervous about what actual reader reviews would be. Thanks so much! You totally made my day--maybe my whole month! I'm so glad you liked it. I'm going to try and get book 2 out by November *crosses fingers* so with any luck you won't have to wait for long. :D

  2. I thoroughly enjoyed the blog tour featuring "Dark Remnants" by Liesel K. Hill. It is evident that the author's talent shines through. As a writer looking for options, I am eager to explore the best self-publishing companies and embark on my own literary journey. This post has been quite inspiring.


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