Friday, April 4, 2014

The 4 Books I Plan on Buying this Month | April 2014


I am finding it absolutely crazy, and inspiring!, to see that quite a few people in the book blogging community are cutting back on their book buying. I took about 10 minutes the other night, to actually sit down and COUNT the amount of books that I have purchased since January. Are you ready for this? Because I wasn't...


66 FREAKIN BOOKS! I work at a bookstore, and have a pretty nice employee discount, so I didn't pay full price for all of the books, but still!! STILL! It was a harsh punch in the gut, and I felt sick afterwards. I still do. I can't believe I've already amassed more than HALF of the number of books I planned on reading this year (which is 100). If I don't stray from this disastrous path that I'm on, I'm going to be 1) VERY BROKE, and 2) acquire more books that I can literally read in my lifetime. LITERALLY.

So, enter the 4 BOOK ONLY PLAN.  Let's face it, "book-buying bans" are a cruel and unusual punishment that we place on ourselves as book lovers. If you have the money, and spending a small amount of it on books every month isn't getting in the way of your bill paying, then don't beat yourself up over it! At least, that's the theory I'm going to work with. Everything in moderation, including my book-buying.  

With that said, my new monthly plan is to buy only FOUR physical books. I will either have the 4 I plan to buy already picked out, or they might be completely random throughout the month. Either way, I HAVE to stop at 4.

This month, I already knew that I would be picking up 3 for sure, and the anyone's guess. Here's what I plan on getting this month:

Saga Vol. III: I literally squealed when I saw that this was half price on (and it still might be when this post was made, go check!). I own the first volume, and now have only to grab the 2nd, and then I can spend a whole day indulging myself in this series. Thank you to my friend and fellow blogger Chelsea from Chels & a Book for highly recommending these!

Noggin: I really enjoyed Where Things Come Back (read my review HERE) from John Corey Whaley. His writing is refreshing, and so different from a lot of the other YA contemporary that's floating around out there. He's definitely an "outside-the-box" author, and I can't wait to see what he created in this new novel, which is about a young male character who dies, and is then alive again, but with his head reattached to someone else's body. Ugghh...interesting!

Toxic Heart: Not many people know about The Mystic City series, which is like a dystopian mix between X-Men and Romeo & Juliet. The story line isn't anything completely unique or fantastic, but I loved the world that Theo Lawrence created in the first book, and I've been waiting almost a year and a half for this sequel!

What do YOU guys plan on purchasing this month?

**EDIT (APRIL 11/2014)**
Dear Readers, I have OFFICIALLY broken this Both Days of Blood & Startlight AND Dreams of Gods & Monsters were on sale on for SUPER cheap, like SUPER, SUPER cheap. AND THEN, because I wanted free shipping, I threw in The Radleys by Matt Haig (which was also super cheap!!!).

*SIGH* Is that enough justifying for ya?

I have a sickness.

Current book count for the month= 6


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