Friday, March 28, 2014

In My Opinion | A Couple of Underrated Authors

There once existed days, when I would roam through the stacks at my local library, and pluck from the shelf whatever caught my eye. I didn't need to know the author, I didn't even need to have HEARD about who they were. Not in passing, and definitely not from the internet. What internet?! There WAS no internet when the love for reading blossomed beautifully into my life. There were hours spent scouring the Scholastic order form, days spent begging my parents to take me to a library, where I would promptly plop myself on the floor of the kids section, and sit until it grew dark outside.

Where was I going with this? Oh yes..*drags my thoughts back to the here and now*. This is precisely how, years later, but YEARS before I discovered the book blogging world, that I came across two of my most beloved authors. Two authors, who, in my humble opinion, are severely underrated:

Christopher Moore & Mil Millington


the use of humor, irony, exaggeration, or ridicule to expose and criticize people's stupidity or vices, particularly in the context of contemporary politics and other topical issues.

I developed a love for satirical fiction at a very young age, and sadly, have strayed so far from that genre in the last couple of years. These two authors are the reigning kings of satire, at least in my bookish world. They're witty, and quirky, and have written things in their books that have had the liquid I was consuming almost come spewing out of my nose!!...gross. They are my literal definitions of laugh-out-loud, and I'm deeply saddened that more people aren't aware of their fantastic existence in literature. 

I work in books, and have done so for about 3 & a half years (collectively), and can count on ONE hand..HALF a hand really, how many times I've sold a book by either of these authors. I'm lying, I've never even SOLD a Mil Millington book...we don't even CARRY him! It's an outrage, and I have made a solid decision to spread the word, starting here, on my favourite platform. Then hopefully, when I grow the balls, I will take my passion to Booktube and make a video showing you my almost impressive collection of their books.

For now, I will list my favourite books from each authour (I had to throw in the Canadian spelling at least ONCE), and INSIST that you read at least one!

Christopher Moore
(click on the links for their Goodreads page)

Mil Millington

I know that Chris Moore is still publishing novels, and you can reach him HERE ON TWITTER. However, after a few hours of my life spent scouring the internet for information on Mil Millington, I've yet to move on from what I learned via his Wikipedia page. It's my understanding that he is no longer publishing books, which is extremely, extremely unfortunate. Though, I've come to expect this sort of thing from some of my absolute favourite authors (c'mon Audrey Niffenegger...write me another book already!).

Anyways, it's been a pretty crap day for me overall, and just thinking about how these authors got me laughing really helped perk things up a bit. I can only hope they do the same for you. If you end up checking them out, or already have a long-time love for them, please do share your thoughts with me in the comments!

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