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BLOG TOUR: The Pursuit of Mary Bennet by Pamela Mingle

Title: The Pursuit of Mary Bennet
Author: Pamela Mingle
Genre: Women's/Historical Fiction
Publisher: William Morrow
Release Date: November 26/2013
Adquired: Print copy provided by publisher
Goodreads: ADD

With warmth, wit, and infinite charm Pamela Mingle brings to the page Pride and Prejudice's reserved and awkward Mary Bennet and proves that there is always room for another Austen spin-off when it's this good

For most of her life Mary Bennet has been an object of ridicule. With a notable absence of the social graces, she has been an embarrassment to her family on more than one occasion. But lately, Mary has changed. She's matured and attained a respectable, if somewhat unpolished, decorum. But her peace and contentment are shattered when her sister Lydia turns up-very pregnant and separated from Wickham. Mary and Kitty are bustled off to stay with Jane and her husband. It is there that Mary meets Henry Walsh, whose attentions confound her. Unschooled in the game of love, her heart and her future are at risk. Is she worthy of love or should she take the safer path? In her journey of self-acceptance, she discovers the answer.


This is the second Austen remake/continuation that I've read this year, and I'll reiterate what I admitted to in my last review: I have never read a Jane Austen novel. Not one. Not even a little bit of one. However, society, or namely television and movies, has made it so that it's easy to know what the basis of her stories are. From what I gathered, before I went into The Pursuit of Mary Bennet, this book would feature one of the less popular of the five Bennet sisters from the original Pride & Prejudice. I struggle to stay engaged when reading classics, so I was pleasantly surprised to find that the overall feel, and writing style of this book, leaned more towards the contemporary.

Mary Bennet was the quiet one, the one least likely to be noticed in a room filled with herself and her sisters. But times have been changing since the days of Elizabeth and Mr. Darcy's courting, because Mary has finally begun to climb out of her shell. Her remarks are more witty, her thoughts are more easily voiced, and downright forward at times. I loved her from the very first page, the first line:

"Sometimes anger is a living thing. It rose up in my chest and made me want to chew thorns."

It was a painfully perfect way to describe the inner turmoil of someone who has felt neglected and cast aside, to lurk in the shadows of her sister's accomplishments, and successful courtships. I cringed at the cruelty of Mary's sisters towards her, she even suffered at the mouth of her mother's insults. Again, I wish I had read Pride & Prejudice before I started The Pursuit of Mary Bennet, I feel like I would have gained a lot more perspective, especially in terms of the Bennet family background. Though, at the same time, I'm beyond happy that I was given the chance to meet Mary first, even if it wasn't a Mary that Austen herself was describing and building.

This book was a comfort to read, it felt like curling up in a mountain of pillows. I was thoroughly surprised at how quickly I was finishing a page, and turning onto the next. I completely related to the courtship between a one Mr. Walsh and Mary, it was innocent, and respectable, and felt like such a victory for all quiet, book nerds the world round. In all honesty, I would not recommend this book to die-hard Austen fans, or even Pride & Prejudice fans, there is just too much room for judgement, especially if you had your own plans for where you saw Mary ending up. But if, like me, you've never read an Austen book in your life, and are just looking for something warm and cozy to curl up with in this minus degree weather, pick up The Pursuit of Mary Bennet, it did just the trick!

Recommended for Fans of: Romance, Historical Fiction, Women's Fiction, open-minded Jane Austen readers.


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  1. I'm fascinated by your take on these Austen-inspired books, since you haven't read any Jane Austen in the past. It's really quite interesting, and makes me wonder what you'd think of the real deal. :)

    Thanks for being on the tour!

  2. I am a fan of Jane Austen books and have enjoyed a few remakes that I've read. This isn't one I've heard of but after your hood review I'll be adding to my TBR.


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