Tuesday, October 1, 2013

OCTOBER 2013 READS: Halloween Edition

Ohhhhhh...look at all of that black and red spinage going on..creeeeepyy

GUYS! As promised, I'm going to be making a LOT more personal posts on BoundbyWords. So, to kick it all off, I decided to start a monthly reads post. It will go up on the 1st of every month (unless there is a pre-scheduled post), and will showcase all of the books I plan on reading for the month. Also, you guys can feel free to ohhh and aahhh over my amazing photography skills ;)..I joke, my phone camera sucks *sigh*.

In anticipation of Halloween, I've decided to MAN UP, and pull a bunch of my "spooky reads" off of the shelf to read this month. Besides the 2 library books I picked up recently, I'm surprised I even HAVE that many-I am the BIGGEST WUSS when it comes to horror, in ANY of it's forms: books, movies, television shows..*shudder*. But I will DO THIS dammit! I am putting my big girl panties on, and I'm GOING TO DO IT.

Wish me luck...... =(

Books pictured:

Let me know if guys have read any of these, I would 
love to know what you thought about them!

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  1. This looks like one kickass list, Reeka! I had been wondering what your October reads would be! I really need to read that Bedbugs book! When I first moved to Toronto, I was mortified by the fact that they actually existed. I naively thought they were an old saying myth :|. I went through a stage of dread thinking I was going to get them and was a paranoid nut for ages. This book would probably terrify me lol. But.. the best weapon for your fear is knowledge, right?
    Also, love the Stephen King! I still have yet to read one of his books ..yikes.
    Great list! I can't wait to see how it goes :).


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