Friday, December 28, 2012

Update on me/the blog


I hope all of you had a wonderful holiday! I recently got my position back at a local bookstore, so I pretty much worked through most of my holiday, but the days I DID get off were very well spent =). This is just a VERY quick update from me to you to apologize PROFUSELY for my lack of posts lately, AND a promise of only great things to come.You all know how busy it can get at this time of the year, so I'm sure you will all excuse my poor blogging, I'm sorry =(. 

However, I have SO many great things planned for the new year AND the upcoming month of January-giveaways, more frequent haul posts, and reviews GALORE (I'm currently trying to read 10 books in 3 days to reach my 50 book Goodreads challenge, wish me luck! eeee!)

A HUGE thank-you to everyone who is still with me, and has shown interest in my blog and the giveaways. Visit my Giveaway page to enter. I will announcing winners for those VERY soon, I can't wait! I plan to get back on track after new years eve/day, so stay tuned. 

Whatever you're doing, have a safe and happy new years night! 


  1. Yeah, that is such good news, that you have your job back! And goodluck on your reading challenge and everything you want to do!
    I wish you a great bookish 2013 Reeka!

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